About C.J.

photo20140904C.J. Bradford has been a professional artist for more than 30 years.  His work appears in private collections throughout the United States.  Working primarily in pen and ink, he also is known for his softly tinted watercolors.  C.J. attended the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma.  He also received private instruction from Mrs. Hsiao Yen-Yeh.  It was through the encouragement of Mrs. Yeh that he decided to specialize in works executed in black and white.

The inspiration for his work comes from a lively imagination, a love of symbols, and the lessons and stories that he receives from his study of the Bible.  The combination of these influences has created a truly unique style. C.J. refers to his art as “visual conversations” and states:

“Many of my works are simply whimsical — intended to surprise and bring joy.  Most are visual puns.  Some, however, are very close to my heart and reflect more deeply the joys and sorrows of my own life and the lives of my friends and family.  Some of these are whimsical, as well, and are intended to serve as a kind of “conversation” between you and me.

There are often obstacles to overcome in these pictures.  Some are like puzzles with solutions that can be discovered within the confines of the picture.  Others, like many of life’s problems, have more than one solution and may require a different perspective, the help of others, or faith.Time is a precious commodity and I appreciate this opportunity to share some of my thoughts with you.  My desire is that my art would inspire you to communication — with me, with those you love, with God, with yourself!  Enjoy!”

Works by C.J. Bradford have appeared in many fine art festivals throughout the United States, such as the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts; Cottonwood Arts Festival in Richardson, Texas; the Crown Center Festival and the Plaza Festival in Kansas City; Fiesta in Austin, Texas; and the Dallas 500. He has been involved in several solo and duet exhibitions in Oklahoma and California.  He has also successfully competed in many juried exhibitions. He is often asked to speak on the topic of creativity before art leagues and college and high school classes and greatly enjoys sharing his views and skills in such settings.  If you are interested in having C.J. talk at your function, his standard fee is $100.00 per hour plus travel costs (depending on distance).  Because of his desire to encourage high school students to pursue art as a career option, he will waive this standard fee for high school classes, but gratefully appreciates honorariums to cover the cost of his travel and preparation time.

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