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Ads, consent, and opting out.

If you are business owner with a website, you are no doubt painfully aware of the madness surrounding the EU User Consent Compliance Update. If you are coming to this site, please note that you will see ads (through Google AdSense) and you may encounter cookies. You can visit Google to find information on how cookies are being handled by their advertising partners. Currently, I do not have a way to give you an option to accept/not accept cookies within this site, but am working toward that goal. I do not have an option for you to sign up to receive notifications so I do not gather personal information of that nature. If you contact me through the contact form, that information gets stored within the database for this site but is never “mined” or shared with anyone – and in fact I’m 100% sure I would have no idea how to pull up that information if my life depended on it. I don’t create websites – I create art. I passively accept the pennies (literally) passed along through the Google Ads that you click on – but I’ve been doing that for over 5 years and have yet to make the first $100 before they will cut me a check. You should check out Google’s advertising policies though as they, being the “Big Guys” in this situation are making every effort to comply to the letter of the new compliance regulations.

This is an enormously complex and difficult process, with precious little documentation that is helpful to the small-time blogger/business person like myself. I simply appeal to your good will to be patient while we wait for all the rules and regulations to settle down and for sensible and useful information to be made available to “little people” like me and countless others with a website. My wife will then dutifully try to figure out how to incorporate that process into this website.

If you are like me and didn’t already know – most modern browsers already come with an option to decline use of cookies – but most people who have done so quickly become painfully aware that their web experience is heavily degraded. Nonetheless, that is certainly a choice you must make for yourself.

Please note that I do not ship products outside the continental US and have no plans to do so in the future. I strongly doubt anyone from the EU has ever come across my little website. If you have, howdy and welcome and I hope you are doing more on this website than reading this particular blog post.

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Spring Season in Full Swing

The spring season has been great so far. Managed to avoid all but a small number of rain-out days – which is amazing for a spring outdoor show schedule.

Last weekend was the Cottonwood Arts Festival. This show gets better every year and the patron turnout this spring was fantastic. Appreciate everyone who dropped by and for the great response to my work.

Coming up: Arts for All festival in Lawton, Oklahoma. If you are in the area, drop by and introduce yourself. This is always a fun show. The Lawton area continues to grow and evolve. There are a lot of fun new restaurants and other venues – not to mention the beautiful mountain scenery. This is Mother’s Day weekend – so you have a terrific opportunity to find something unique for her and to spend some quality time enjoying the arts together!

I get back from Arts for All and have two days to catch my breath and then off to Tulsa for Mayfest. Hoping for good weather and a great turnout. This show has lots of terrific work and the area where the show is held is fun.

See you on the road!

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Spring Season Beginning

It has been awhile since I have added a post to the site. First, some updates on my health since the accident. I really appreciate all the kind words, thoughts, and prayers from my artist friends and customers over the past year. I’m doing reasonably well, all things considered. My strength is back and apart from the damage to my jaw and teeth, and a bit of heart arrhythmia, I don’t seem to have any other lingering issues. That’s a miracle in our book and we’ll take it!

The spring shows are starting to line out and I will be adding some now – with more to come as I receive the jury outcomes. I’m looking forward to heading back to Houston for my first spring show. Not sure what to expect after all the terrible things that area has gone through. The people there are so resilient though and I’m hoping that spring time will bring them out to enjoy the festival. Will be great if the weather will cooperate and let everyone have a relaxed time.

My wife is going to get back to adding more prints on the website over the next week or so. I hope that you will visit the listings and share my site with others. I don’t have a lot of viewers at this time and any help spreading the word that I’m online will be appreciated!